Elsevier customer research: online usage tracker

What is the purpose of this research?

We want to form a better understanding of how our customers search and discover information online. 
By allowing us to track your online activity, you will help us to design products which better reflect your online search habits.

How do you track my online activity?

This is done through tracking software, which you install on your computer via the link in your invitation email. The software then runs in the background on your PC or Mac, recording the URLs of websites you visit, using Wakoopa.com’s technology and platform.

Is it safe and secure for me to take part?

Yes, it is safe. The tracker only registers URLs, but never user names, passwords or personal information filled into a form on the web. The tracker is fully transparent: you can see what’s being tracked at any time by clicking the tracker (Elsevier) icon. You’re also fully in control: you can pause the tracker while visiting sensitive sites. Sensitive sites you visit regularly (e.g., internet banking) can also be entirely excluded from tracking in the privacy options. All data collected will be analysed anonymously.

Will the tracker slow down my computer?

No. The tracker runs in the background and sends information to the server only periodically. You should not notice any difference in your system’s performance.

What happens if someone else uses this computer?

We recommend working with personal logins if several people share a computer. Having logged in personally, the tracker will only record sites visited by you. If several people use the computer under the same name, sites visited by any of these people will be recorded. To not record sites by others, you can pause and restart the tracker between uses.

The tracker is not recording any URLs. What shall I do?

The tracker uses the same Internet connection as your browser. If you can open other sites, the tracker should not be affected by any firewalls, proxies or other protection mechanisms. If the tracker still appears to be unable to send data, please contact surveys@elsevier.com.

What do I need to do if I want to stop tracking?

If you decide to stop tracking, you can easily quit or completely uninstall the tracker, by clicking on the tracker icon and selecting quit/uninstall.

Who do I contact with further questions?

This research is being carried out by Elsevier’s market research department. If you would like to find out more about this study contact surveys@elsevier.com.