Issue 7

October 2013

Welcome to the new issue of Authors' Update. This month, we are focusing on everything Open Access. You'll find articles about our most exciting Open Access initiatives, such as an Open Access Video Journal, or the much improved visibility of Open Access content on ScienceDirect.

We've also included an easy-to-follow "how to" guide to publishing Open Access and for a simple overview of publishing Open Access with Elsevier, please watch our new Open Access video.

We hope you enjoy this issue.

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  • 6 ways to find Elsevier’s open access content

    Open Access content is now much more visible and discoverable on ScienceDirect. Read our brief guide to finding Elsevier open access journals and articles. Read more.

  • Video journal is first in the field of gastrointestinal endoscopy

    Find out about our new Open Access journal, the first of its kind, which allows readers to learn new procedures by watching them done by experts. Read more.

  • Open access in Africa — changes and challenges

    Elsevier’s Director of Access Relations writes about his work with the African Academy of Science in Kenya. Read more.

  • Authors Profile

    Professor Desapriya Ediriweera of the University of British Columbia, shares his thoughts and views on what it is like to be an author of scientific articles, including his views on Open Access. Read more.

Elsevier Open Access Explained

Watch our new video for an overview of publishing Open Access with Elsevier.

Learn about Elsevier's established agreements with funding bodies and institutions, funding body mandates, article publication fees, creative commons attribution licences and self-archiving. Watch now.

Publishing gold open access: what is the difference?

From before submitting to the best fitting journal, to the moment your article is published, we explain the steps to publishing Open Access. Read more.

Also of Interest for you: Early Career Resources

Early Career ResearchWe realize that developing a successful career in research and publishing requires a broad skill set so we've created a new center on, Early Career Resources, especially with the early career researcher in mind.

The new center provides a broad mix of inspiring video interviews with professors, planning guides, recommended reading and more; all designed to help researchers gain the most impact at the beginning stages of their careers. The knowledge provided is of benefit to all research areas, across all disciplines. Important topics covered by the resource center include career planning and funding, writing, networking, ethical practice, search and discovery tools and more.

At Early Career Resources you'll also find: