Authors’ Update, 10 issues on

Author: Gaelle Hull, Researcher Relations Manager, Elsevier

Authors' Update was launched in February 2012 with the aim of supplying up-to-date news and information to support authors publishing in our journals. From the latest Elsevier technical innovations to some of the key issues faced by the academic community today, we have tried to bring you varied, topical and relevant content each quarter.

To celebrate our 10th issue, we have collated a selection of our most popular posts to date. We hope you enjoy discovering or revisiting these articles.

What has attracted your attention?

Predictably, open access options have proved of interest. Not only have we featured several articles on this topic, in October 2013 we devoted a whole issue to open access. You were especially interested in the latest ScienceDirect developments which make our open access content more searchable and discoverable (Issue 7, October 2013).

Other popular articles have featured Elsevier innovations developed to improve your publishing experience, such as the Article Transfer Service (Issue 1, February 2012) or Your Paper, Your Way (Issue 9, March 2014). Also of interest were Elsevier initiatives supporting young researchers such as our Ethics in Research & Publication program (Issue 3, August 2012).

As you were very interested in the launch of ORCID (Issue 4, January 2013), we gave you an update on the integration of this new functionality into our Electronic Editorial System (EES) in Issue 8 (December 2013).

Finally, practical advice for new and young authors has proven popular, such as Peer Review: Nuts and Bolts, a guide put together by the Voice of Young Science network (Issue 2, May 2012); advice on how to use Mendeley to support career development (Issue 6, July 2013); recommendations for making the most of social media to increase article visibility (Issue 5, March 2013); and a style guide for writing a research paper (Issue 8, December 2013).

Where to next?

We are pleased to announce that later this year Authors' Update will move away from its current quarterly format to become a blog site with regular posts making content more visible, searchable, shareable and interactive.