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Since its inception in 1977 the Pharmacochemistry Library has focussed mainly on developments in the field of Quantitative Structure-Activity Relationships (QSAR). However, although QSAR studies have contributed to a large extent to the results of modern medicinal chemistry research and are expected to continue to do so, they constitute only one aspect of current innovative research on bioactive compounds. Other techniques have emerged which have been found to be of great importance in this field. It was felt that these developments should be reflected in the Pharmacochemistry Library, the scope of which has therefore been enlarged to encompass the following topics:• Innovative approaches, including topics such as improvements in QSAR methodologies, introduction of new techniques (e.g. specialised computer graphics) and application of existing techniques (e.g. X-ray) to medicinal chemistry• (Q)SAR studies in specific fields and/or within certain classes of compounds• Developments in new fields, e.g. the possibilities of certainly newly described physiological or pathological systems for developing new products• Updating of medicinal chemistry in establishing fields, with special emphasis on the impact of recent findings or new techniques• Molecular mechanisms involved in the wanted and unwanted effects of bioactive compounds and the exploitation thereof in drug design• Drug design in general• Proceedings of major symposia on medicinal chemistry

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