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Introducing the award

The UK Scopus Young Researcher Award was developed by Elsevier in association with the US/UK Fulbright Commission to honour the achievements of young researchers and the institutions that foster them.

The winners, UK-trained researchers who first published in 2008 or more recently, were chosen from eight disciplines, based on Scopus citation data and jury assessment.



  • 2011 UK Scopus Young Researcher Award Winners and their supervisors

    Michael Arthur, Vice Chancellor of the University of Leeds, Chair of the Russell Group and Chair of the jury, co-presented the awards with Ron Mobed, Elsevier's CEO Science & Technology on November 22, 2011 in London.

    "A part of the UK's strength in research is the ability of universities to attract and train excellent researchers," said Arthur. "The level of excellence of the researchers we honor here tonight is a reconfirmation of the UK's continued excellence in global research."


    Photographer: Tracey Croggon

  • The University of Manchester accepts their 2011 UK Scopus Fostering Young Researchers Institutional Award

    "This award event is about taking a step back and recognizing that UK researchers are making a significant impact in a large range of research disciplines," said Ron Mobed, Elsevier's CEO Science & Technology. "But also to acknowledge the institutions that foster these young researchers. The pool of talent we have been able to draw from to ultimately select the eight winners was enormous, which emphasizes the UK's ability to create a competitive yet collaborative environment for researchers."


    Photographer: Tracey Croggon



2011 UK Scopus Young Researcher Winners

Winner UK Scopus Young Researcher Award Health & Medical Sciences 2011
Lucy Asher
University of Nottingham
Full biography
  Laura Coates

Winner UK Scopus Young Researcher Award in Biological Sciences 2011
Laura Coates
University of Leeds
Full biography

Angela Druckman
Winner UK Scopus Young Researcher Award Environmental Sciences 2011
Angela Druckman
University of Surrey
Full biography
  Farhan Feroz

Winner UK Scopus Young Researcher Award Physical Sciences 2011
Farhan Feroz
University of Cambridge
Full biography

Matt Grove
Winner UK Scopus Young Researcher Award Humanities 2011
Matt Grove
University of Liverpool
Full biography
  Saffron O’ Neill

Winner UK Scopus Young Researcher Award Social Sciences 2011
Saffron O’ Neill
University of Melbourne / University of East Anglia
Full biography

Konstantinos Papadikis
Winner UK Scopus Young Researcher Award Engineering 2011
Konstantinos Papadikis
Xi’an Jiatong - Liverpool University/University of Southampton
Full biography
  Mladen Savov

Winner UK Scopus Young Researcher Award Mathematics 2011
Mladen Savov
New College, University of Oxford
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2011 UK Scopus Fostering Young Researchers Institutional Winners

University of Manchester University of Oxford
University of Southampton


See the biographies of any of the 2011 winners by clicking on their thumbnails above or following their biography links. Winners from all previous years can be seen by visiting the Winners page.



Since 2005, the Elsevier Scopus Awards recognise and reward the talent, knowledge and expertise of young researchers around the globe in a variety of disciplines. Currently, 15 countries have participated in the award, each marked with an event co-organised by Elsevier with a prestigious national consortium, funding body or society. Traditionally, these academic groups nominate an award committee to recognise scholarly output, citations, and prestige of their region's outstanding young researchers across a range of subject areas. Publication and citation information provided by Scopus helps the committee to assess country-wide research strengths and rising talent.

The 2011 Scopus Young Researcher Awards.  At a gala dinner at the Royal Society, Elsevier and the Fulbright Commission honoured eight young researchers in a range of academic disciplines with the 2011 Scopus Young Researcher Award.  Candidates in health & medical sciences, biological sciences, environmental sciences, mathematics, physical sciences, engineering, social sciences, and humanities were eligible for consideration if they published for the first time in 2008 or more recently. The selection of winners was then made by a panel of 40 discipline-specific experts headed by jury Chair Michael Arthur, Vice Chancellor of Leeds, Russell Group Chair and former Fulbright Scholar. The lead jury also selected three institutions to be presented with the 2011 Scopus Fostering Young Researchers Award.

Selection Process

Shortlisting for the Scopus Young Researcher Award begins with publications. Candidates meeting the criteria are then assessed by a subject specific jury and confirmed by the lead jury. To be shortlisted for the Scopus Young Researcher Award, the researcher must have: 

  • begun publishing work in 2008 or more recently
  • a current affiliation to an institution in the United Kingdom
  • made demonstrable impact in their field (assessed through H index)
  • less than 100 co-authors (total). This criterion is applied because it is very difficult to assess the contribution of single researchers in projects with very large co-author groups.

Find out more: http://www.info.sciverse.com/scopus/awards


We would like to thank the award jury for all their efforts in the 2011 Scopus Young Researcher Award selection process.  These jury members were selected based on their subject-area expertise and were asked to review the shortlisted candidates.  The jury is made up of former Fulbright Scholars, academic journal editors and other experts in the field.  The lead jury was asked to confirm winner selections based on aggregated scores per discipline and to choose the winners of the Fostering Young Researchers award.  This award was conferred based on the three institutions providing the highest number of candidates to the shortlist.


Chair:  Professor Michael Arthur, Provost and President of University College London, Fulbright Scholar
Lead Jurors: Paul Arthur Berkman, Head of the Arctic Ocean Geopolitics Prog., Scott Polar Research Instit., Fulbright Scholar
Kate Hampton MPP, Fulbright Scholar

Jury Health and Medical Sciences

Peter Brennan, Head of the Academic Dept of Surgery, University of Portsmouth
Michael Day, Professor of  Veterinary Pathology, University of Bristol
Alison Day, Senior Lecturer in Emergency Nursing, University of Coventry
Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief, The Lancet
Michael Sharpe, Director of  Psychological Medical Research, University of Edinburgh

Jury  Biological Sciences

Keith Blundy, CEO Cancer Research Technology, Fulbright Scholar
Dame Anne Dell, Professor Carbohydrate Biochem, Imperial College London
Alain Filloux, Director of the Centre for Molecular Microbiology & Infection, Imperial College London
Nigel Pyne, Professor Molecular Pharmacology, University of Strathclyde

Jury  Environmental Sciences

Brian Austin, Professor of Aquiculture, University of Stirling
Simon Jennings, Professor of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia
Robin Pakeman, Professor, McCawley Land Use Research Institute
Timothy Sparks,  Professor of Conservation Science, University of Cambridge

Jury  Mathematics

Christopher Baker, Professor of Mathematics, University of Chester
Mark Cross, Professor of Computational Modelling, Swansea University
Kenneth Falconer, Professor of Pure Mathematics,University of St. Andrews
Martin Mathieu, Professor of  Pure Mathematics Queen’s University Belfast

Jury  Physical Sciences

Sir William Gelletly, Professor of Physics, University of Surrey
Gerry Gilmor, Professor of Experimental Philosophy, Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge
Graham Hutchings, Director of the Cardiff Catalysis Institute, University of Cardiff
Ivan Parkin, Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, University College London

Jury Engineering

Robert Critoph, Head of Sustainable Energy Engineering, University of Warwick
Netta Cohen, Professor of Complex Systems University of Leeds
William Gale, Professor of Aviation & Aerospace Engineering, University of Leeds
Barry Marsden, Professor of  Nuclear Graphite Technology, University of Manchester

Jury  Social Sciences

Jörn Dosch, Director of theDepartment of East Asian Studies, University of Leeds, Fulbright Scholar
Bronwen Manby, AfriMAP Fulbright Scholar
John Scott, Pro Vice-Chancellor Research, Professor of Sociology, University of Plymouth
Peter Taylor-Gooby, Professor of Social Policy, University of Kent

Jury  Humanities

Glenn Fulcher, School of Education, University of Leicester
Chris Hunt, Reader in Palaeoecology / Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Archaeological Science, Queen's University Belfast
Linda Woodhead, Professor of Sociology of Religion, Lancaster University
Chris Woolgar, Professor of History, University of Southampton
Sue Thornham, Professor of Media and Film, University of Sussex



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