Useful LaTeX packages

The guidelines suggest several useful LaTeX packages. If you do not already have them on your TeX system, you may get them from the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network (CTAN).

CTAN is an archive with up-to-date copies of all the public-domain versions of TeX, LaTeX, Metafont and ancillary programs, which is made available via a mirrored network of FTP servers.

You can enter the CTAN archive via a web interface in the UK, in the USA, or in Germany (page in German). You can search for a package on CTAN via this interface.

You can also enter the archive via FTP at, at, at, or at one of the many mirror servers; see this list or this list of CTAN mirror sites.

When a CTAN server does not respond, please try another one.

Note that CTAN is not related to Elsevier, and that Elsevier's author support cannot accept complaints or answer questions about the availability of any CTAN server.

These packages are recommended for usage with our document styles: