Supported LaTeX classes and formats in EES


This page lists the manuscript classes and formats included in the Elsevier Editorial System (EES). Manuscripts written using one of these formats can be uploaded to EES without the need to include the class file itself.

If your manuscript uses a format not on the list below, please (a) consider re-formatting could mean a lot of work for the Author and it is not required for EES, and (b) include the relevant classes and styles with your submission.

Please note that Elsevier cannot provide technical support for the listed formats. Technical support (via is available for Elsevier's document class, elsarticle, and associated packages.

Supported LaTeX document classes

Note: EES contains many other LaTeX document classes, which are not suitable for use with journal submissions. The above list includes only those that are appropriate for use with journal submissions. If in any doubt please contact

Other supported TeX formats