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Study published in Computers and Human analyzes the opinions of 109 clinicians asking them whether video games are a problem for society

First issue covers a Symposium of research around the history of the first IVF births

Papers published in the issue identify a frequent disconnect between research, policy and practice; themed issue now available on ScienceDirect

Winning and runner-up selections to be featured in 41st edition eBook version of Gray’s Anatomy later this year

According to new study in The American Journal of Medicine

Study published in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews wins Elsevier’s Atlas Award

Registration for the ChemSearch Challenge Opens at American Chemical Society meeting 2015

Books include new edition of The Practice of Medicinal Chemistry, a comprehensive overview of daily issues facing medicinal chemists and pharmaceutical researchers

Online course helps prepare new and experienced nurses and therapists to provide care to patients in their homes

Even after Educational Programs, Compliance by Healthcare Providers Is Lacking, as Reported in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology

Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada to be published by Elsevier

Online lesson to help new nurses effectively manage patients’ pain

Encyclopedia offers students and faculty a broad overview of foundational cell biology content in an accessible and searchable format

Research And JournalsEndoscopes Still Contaminated After Cleaning05-Aug-2015