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Even after Educational Programs, Compliance by Healthcare Providers Is Lacking, as Reported in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology

Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Canada to be published by Elsevier

Online lesson to help new nurses effectively manage patients’ pain

Encyclopedia offers students and faculty a broad overview of foundational cell biology content in an accessible and searchable format

Research And JournalsEndoscopes Still Contaminated After Cleaning05-Aug-2015

Elsevier OnCampus Ambassador Program connects medical students with Elsevier content; students share tips and tools for surviving and thriving in medical school

Study published in The Annals of Thoracic Surgeryexamines how long it takes to begin care and what steps are taken to determine appropriate treatment

New open access, peer-reviewed, online-only journal serving the international surgical community

Guidelines are published in The Annals of Thoracic Surgery

Study published in Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Research And JournalsDepressive Ruminations and the Idling Brain30-Jul-2015

A new analysis published in Biological Psychiatry explores the neural processes behind depressive rumination

New module provides concise at-a-glance overview of article metrics; helping researchers select what to read and cite

Surgeons describe positive outcomes in The Journal of Urology®