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FDA responds with draft guidance documents to close loopholes, according to commentary in Mayo Clinic Proceedings

Elsevier Publishing Campus offers free training, advice and options for debate on a variety of topics related to academic publishing

Blood from fewer donors lowers the risk of acquiring lifelong illness

Study published in Waste Management wins Elsevier’s Atlas award

Lack of regulations, advertising directed at teens, and failure to wear eye protection all contributing factors, reports new study in the Journal of AAPOS

Easy-to-Use and accurate test can be used in schools or pediatricians’ offices, reports new study in theJournal of AAPOS

Technological innovation may not have led to the colonization of Europe by anatomically modern humans, suggests new study

New OA journal brings together leading experts in human, animal and environmental health

Research And JournalsElsevier Announces the Launch of SoftwareX22-Apr-2015

Open access journal SoftwareX publishes cross-discipline, peer-reviewed software that has been developed during the research process

 Elsevier, the journal Digestive and Liver Disease and Ferring Pharmaceuticals announce the launch of the Inflammatory Bowel Disease Resource Centre

Research And JournalsIs There Such A Thing As “Pure” Autism?20-Apr-2015

Genetic analysis from a new study in Biological Psychiatry says no