Articles by Eugene F. Fama


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Financing decisions: Who issues stock?

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New lists: Fundamentals and survival rates

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Disappearing dividends: changing firm characteristics or lower propensity to pay?

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Market efficiency, long-term returns, and behavioral finance

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Articles by Lars Peter Hansen


Nonlinearity and temporal dependence
Journal of Econometrics, 2010, 155 (2) , pp. 155-169
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Doubts or variability?
Journal of Economic Theory, 2009, 144 (6), pp. 2388-2418
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Recursive robust estimation and control without commitment

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Robust estimation and control under commitment

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Spectral methods for identifying scalar diffusions
Journal of Econometrics, 1998, 86 (1), pp. 1-32
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Articles by Robert J. Shiller


Mitigating financial fragility with Continuous Workout Mortgages
Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2013, 85 (1), pp. 269-285
Shiller, R.J., Wojakowski, R.M., Ebrahim, M.S., Shackleton, M.B.