Articles by Serge Haroche

Serge Haroche

Strain-tunable high-Q optical microsphere resonator
Optics Communications, 145, (1–6) 1998, pp 86-90
V.S Ilchenko, P.S Volikov, V.L Velichansky, F Treussart, V Lefèvre-Seguin, J.-M Raimond, S Haroche

Whispering gallery mode microlaser at liquid Helium temperature Journal of Luminescence, 76–77, 1998, pp 670-673
F. Treussart, V.S. Ilchenko, J.F. Roch, P. Domokos, J. Hare, V. Lefèvre, J.-M. Raimond, S. Haroche

A beam of laser-cooled lithium Rydberg atoms for precision microwave spectroscopy Optics Communications, 101 (5–6) 1993, pp 342-346
M. Weidemüller, C. Gabbanini, J. Hare, M. Gross, S. Haroche

Superradiance triggering spectroscopy Optics Communications, 32 (2) 1980, pp 350-354
N.W. Carlson, D.J. Jackson, A.L. Schawlow, M. Gross, S. Haroche

Heterodyne detection of Rydberg atom maser emission Optics Communications, 33 (1) 1980, pp 47-50
L. Moi, C. Fabre, P. Goy, M. Gross, S. Haroche, P. Encrenaz, G. Beaudin, B. Lazareff

Articles by David J. Wineland
David J. Wineland

Decoherence of motional superpositions of a trapped ion Chaos, Solitons & Fractals, 16 (3) 2003, pp 431-437
C.A. Sackett, C. Monroe, D.J. Wineland

Spectroscopy of a single Mg+ ion Physics Letters A, 82 (2) 1981, pp 75-78
D.J. Wineland, Wayne M. Itano