2011 Nobel Prize Chemistry Articles

Most Cited Articles Professor Shechtman has published with Elsevier

New, fast corroding high ductility Mg-Bi-Ca and Mg-Bi-Si alloys, with no clinically observable gas formation in bone implants
Materials Science & Engineering A, 2011, Article in Press, Remennik, S.; Bartsch, I.; Willbold, E.; Witte, F.; Shechtman, D.

Reciprocating extrusion of rapidly solidified Mg-6Zn-1Y-0.6Ce-0.6Zr alloy
Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 2007, Vol. 187-188, pp 640-644, Guo, X.F.; Shechtman, D.

Determination of slip systems and their relation to the high ductility and fracture toughness of the B2 DyCu intermetallic compound
Acta Materialia
, 2007, Vol. 55, pp 3765-3770, Cao, G.H.; Shechtman, D.; Wu, D.M.; Becker, A.T.; Chumbley, L.S.; Lograsso, T.A.; Russell, A.M.; Gschneidner Jr., K.A.

Mechanical properties of multilayer materials
Nanostructured Materials, 1999, Vol. 12, pp 405-408, Josell, D.; Van Heerden, D.; Shechtman, D.; Read, D.

Influence of Cr-N interlayer properties on the initial stages of CVD diamond growth on steel substrates
Diamond and Related Materials, 1998, Vol. 7, pp. 597-602, Glozman, O.; Berner, A.; Shechtman, D.; Hoffman, A.

The formation of f.c.c. Titanium in titanium-aluminum multilayers
Acta Materialia, 1996, Vol. 44, pp. 297-306, Van Heerden, D.; Josell, D.; Shechtman, D.

fcc titanium in Ti-Al multilayers
Materials Letters, 1994, Vol. 20, pp 329-334, Shechtman, D.; van Heerden, D.; Josell, D.

Twin-determined growth of diamond films
Materials Science and Engineering A
, 1994, Vol. 184, pp 113-118, Shechtman, D.

High-order twin boundaries in CVD diamond films
Materials Letters, 1993, Vol. 17, pp 211-216, Shechtman, D.; Feldman, A.; Hutchison, J.

On the adiabatic shear of Ti-6A1-4V ballistic targets
Materials Science & Engineering, 1983, Vol. 58, pp 181-188, Me-Bar, Y.; Shechtman, D.