2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry


Elsevier congratulates Professor Dan Shechtman

Dr. Shechtman, professor of materials science at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel, professor at Iowa State University and a researcher at the United States Department of Energy’s Ames Laboratory, won the award “for the discovery of quasicrystals.” He fought a “fierce battle against established science” which “fundamentally altered how chemists conceive of solid matter.” 

Crystals are solid materials in which the atoms that make up the material are arranged in a periodic pattern. However, certain symmetries do not allow periodic, translational patterns to form, and so it became a long held belief that materials would not adopt structures that contained such configurations. Dr. Shechtman found otherwise, with the discovery of a metal alloy that possessed five-fold rotational symmetry. His discovery meant a fight against established science, and in the wake of his breakthrough, the field of crystallography has changed fundamentally.

Dr. Shechtman published in Elsevier journals: Materials Letters, Materials Science & Engineering A, Materials Science & Engineering B, Acta Materialia, UltramicropsyDiamond and Related Materials, Acta Biomaterialia and Metal Powder Report.

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