2010 Nobel Prize Medicine Articles

Professor G. Edwards


This year, Robert G. Edwards was awarded The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2010 "for the development of In Vitro Fertilization", a discovery made with Patrick C. Steptoe that has given life to four million people.

In recognition of the importance of their work, we are pleased to offer freely available articles published by Robert G. Edwards and Patrick C. Steptoe with Elsevier.

Robert G. Edwards

Maturation in vitro of human ovarian oocytes 
Lancet, 1965, 286 (7419), 926 929, Edwards R. G.

Towards single births after assisted reproduction treatment
Reproductive BioMedicine Online, 2003, 7(5), 506-508. Edwards, R.G.

IVF, IVM, natural cycle IVF, minimal stimulation IVF – time for a rethink
Reproductive BioMedicine Online, 2007, 15(1), 106-119, Edwards, R.G

Analysis of 25 infertile patients treated consecutively by in vitro fertilization at Bourn Hall
Fertility and Sterility, 1984, 42(2), 191-197, Fishel, Simon B., Edwards, Robert G., Purdy, Jean M.

In vitro fertilization: a treatment for male infertility
Fertility and Sterility, 1985, 43(3), 422-432, Cohen, Jacques, Edwards, Robert, Fehilly, Carole, et al

Robert G. Edwards and Patrick Steptoe 

Laparoscopic recovery of preovulatory human oocytes after priming of ovaries with gonadotrophins
Lancet, 1970, 1(7469), 683-689. Steptoe, P.C. & Edwards, R.G.

Reimplantation of a human embryo with subsequent tubal pregnancy
Lancet,1976, 1(7965), 880/882, Steptoe, P.C. & Edwards, R.G.

Current status in of in-vitro fertilisation and implantation of human embryos
Lancet, 1983, 2(8362), 1265-1269, Edwards, R.G & Steptoe, P.C.