Vitruvius on architecture


VITRUVIUS POLLIO, M.  De Architectura. 1649.

Engraved title and excerpt from the only edition of Vitruvius published by the Elzeviers, with new woodcut illustrations and with extensive additional texts and comments by Leon Battista Alberti, Guillaume Philander, Sir Henry Wotton, Claude Salmasius, and others. De Architectura was written in the years 25-23 BCE.  The book deals with problems of technical construction and architectonic problems, hydraulic and military tools, and with sun-dials and cosmography. The book was widely used until the medieval period, then rediscovered in 1415, after which it became very influential in the revival of classical architecture during the Renaissance.

[EHC 02.1649.Vit] [Willems 1097]