Van Helmont's medical treatises


HELMONT, J. B. VAN. Ortus medicinae. (Followed by:) Opuscula medica inaudita. 1648.

Title pages of J.B. van Helmont’s Opuscula medica inaudita and of his Ortus medicanae. which discuss the treatment of stones, leprosy, paralysis, fevers, Galenic humors, and the plague.  The EHC copy of this medical text is bound together with the first edition of van Helmont’s Ortus medicinae—also published by the Elzeviers—a philosophical-medical treatise that went through many editions in Dutch, as well as in German, Italian, French, and English. 

[EHC 04.1648.Hel] [Willems 1066 & 1067]