Schurman's Small Writing in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, French


Schurman, A. M. Opuscula medica inaudita. 1648.

First edition (1648) of Anna Maria Schurman's writings in various languages.

Schurman, known as the 'marvel' or the 'star of Utrecht', was considered the most learned woman of her time. She had full command of French, German, English, Italian, Latin, Greek and Hebrew. She also had quite some knowledge of Chaldaic, Syric, Arabic and Ethiopian. She exchanged ideas through regular correspondence with a large number of learned men and women throughout Europe.

This book is in a School Prize binding with the name of the school 'Gymnasii Flessingani' (Vlissingen) in gilt on the upper cover and the year 1660 in gilt on the lower cover.

[EHC 08.1648.Sch] [Willems 649]

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