Ptolemy's Geography


PTOLOMAEUS, Cl.Theatri geographiae véteris. 1618-1619

Double-page engraved map, based on Mercator’s edition of Ptolemy’s Geographia, depicts the ancient world surrounded by a decorative border of twelve heads, representing the winds. 28 of Mercator’s maps and 22 additional maps by Ortelius were incorporated into this deluxe edition of the Geographia, edited by Petrus Bertius, a professor at the University of Leiden.  This work, printed in 1618-1619, is one of the first books ever printed by the Elzeviers.  Though the Elzeviers were active earlier in the book trade as bookbinders, booksellers, and publishers, Isaac Elzevier was the first among them to acquire a press, in 1617. The EHC copy shown here was formerly owned by Sir George Shuckburgh Evelyn FRS (1751-1804), a notable English mathematician, astronomer, and politician.

[EHC 02.1619.Ber] [Willems 137]