Galileo's Dialogue


GALILEI , Galileo. (Dialogo) Systema cosmicum.1635.

Portrait of Galileo Galilei and engraved title from the first Latin and first international edition of Galileo’s controversial Dialogue concerning the two chief world systems.  Galileo’s Dialogue, which presented the heliocentric Copernican system as superior to the Ptolemaic system in a none too subtle fashion, was banned by the Catholic Church; Galileo was tried and convicted of heresy.  The engraved title depicts Galileo’s three interlocutors, the Copernican Salviati, the hapless traditionalist Simplicio, and Sagredo, who in the course of the dialogue comes to favor the Copernican worldview.  This 1635 edition of Galileo’s work was published at the Elzeviers’ expense and printed in Strasbourg while Galileo was under house arrest.

[EHC 04.1635.Gal] [Willems 426]