A French cookbook


PASTISSIER FRANCOIS, LE. Où est enseigné la manière de faire toute sorte de pastisserie. 1655.

Engraved title of an extremely popular handbook for confectioners, first published in Paris in 1653.  The EHC copy was bound in the late 19th century by François Cuzin, of whom the New York Times wrote in 1886: ‘M. Cuzin is a self-made man, the son of a tailor in a small town of Central France, who took early to bookbinding, and is now at the head of that handicraft in Paris, and perhaps in the world.’ The finishing, or gilding, on the EHC copy was done by Leon Maillard, a master finisher recruited by Robert Hoe to work for the Grolier Club Bindery in New York City.

[EHC 12.1655.Pas] [Willems 1187]

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