Dieu's Persian grammar


DIEU L. DE. Rudimenta linguae persicae. -  XAVIER, H. Historia Christi Persice conscripta.-  & XAVIER, H. Historia S. Petri Persice conscripta. 1639.

Title page and two chapters of Genesis, in Persian type, from one of the earliest European Persian grammars, Lodewijk de Dieu’s RUDIMENTA LINGUAE PERSICAE.  The EHC copy of this Persian grammar is bound together with the Persian texts of Hieronymus Xavier’s History of Christ and History of Peter, also printed by the Elzeviers in 1639, which de Dieu published in order to argue that the Jesuits would go so far as to distort biblical texts in order to accomplish their missionary work.
Lodewijk de Dieu was a learned Orientalist and Minister of the Protestant Church. The two works were listed in the Index of Forbidden Books.

[EHC 04.1639.Chr] [Willems 477 & 490]