Kasper van Ommen

K. van Ommen

Kasper van Ommen (1964) studied History of Art at Leiden University. He is co-ordinator of the Scaliger Institute, the Special Collections Research Centre in Leiden University Library. He has published extensively on the history of collections such as the portraits of 16th-century humanists (J.J. Scaliger, J. Lipsius and B. Vulcanius). His most recent publications are the exhibition catalogue ‘All my Books in Foreign Tongues’. Scaliger’s Oriental Legacy in Leiden (together with A. Vrolijk), the catalogue The Exotic World of Carolus Clusius (1526-1609) and Facebook in the sixteenth Century? The Humanist and Networker Bonaventura Vulcanius (together with H. Cazes). Together with Paul Hoftijzer he published a guided tour through the history of the book in Leiden, Langs Leidse letters (2008).