Stevin's Mathematical Works


STEVIN, S. Les oeuvres mathématiques. 1634.

Instructions on how to determine the height of a building which cannot be directly measured, from Les oeuvres mathématiques by Simon Stevin, one of the Low Countries’ most famous mathematicians and military engineers.  The wide-ranging book covers arithmetic; cosmography; practical geometry; weight, statics, balance and hydrostatics; optics and perspective; and military surveying and fortification.  After Stevin’s death in 1620, his collected works on mathematics were edited and translated by the mathematician Albert Girard, but when Girard himself died in 1633, Girard’s widow saw the book through to its printing by Bonaventure and Abraham Elzevier in 1634.

[EHC 02.1634.Ste.] [Willems 413]

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