Interactive Plot Viewer

Show the plot and share the data

Interactive plots show data submitted by the author both in a line or scatter plot and in a data table.

Readers can hover over the plot to see the value of a data point in the plot, or switch to the data table view to see all data in one overview. The reader can also download the dataset.

Click here for a live example.

To have an interactive plot displayed with your article, you need to create an Interactive Plots file, test it, and submit it along with your article.

Author instructions

Creating your file

Correctly formatted Interactive Plots files typically look similar to the files below if you open them in a database software program like Microsoft Excel.

Examples of interactive plot data files

Datafiles for Interactive Plots must be saved and submitted in the CSV (comma-separated values) format. Nearly all database software programs support this export option.

To format the file correctly, please take the following into account:

  • Each column represents a data series.
  • The first row acts as header, and should contain the label of the data series in plain text.
  • Please include units in the header labels.
  • Your file should have 2-10 columns. There should not be any empty columns.
  • The maximum number of rows is 250. There should not be any empty rows.


To check if your file works and how it will look online, test it here.


Upload the file via the submission system together with your article, in the 'Supplementary materials' section, selecting the option 'Interactive Plots' in the menu.

Examples of interactive plot data files