Interactive Case Insights

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Interactive Case Insights transform the traditional case report into an engaging  learning and self-assessment experience designed to help improve physician decision-making and treatment outcomes.

Interactive Case Insights consist of author prepared multiple choice questions ( text only, or supplemented with images ) that enhance conventional case reports.

Authors of selected Elsevier journals are invited to complement case report manuscripts with Interactive Case Insights test questions. Once the case reports are online, test questions are available alongside the case reports enabling an integrated, interactive learning experience.

Interactive Case Reports are fully integrated with ScienceDirect:

Interactive Case Insights Deliver

Sample Articles ( may require ScienceDirect subscription )

Instructions for Authors

Authors use the online authoring system for creation of test questions. The system does not require a user/id or password, and the questions can be saved on the local desktop and submitted along with the manuscript or manuscript revisions.

ICI Authoring system

Benefits to Authors and Readers

Prepare test questions using an easy to use tool, and use the standard tools for submission.

No need for special software or plugins

Maximize the educational value of Case Reports

Innovating & Enriching Content

For almost 350 years, academic articles have been published in a similar layout – a format which starts with an abstract and ends with a conclusion and a list of references. Articles were presented in this way with the reader of the printed version in mind. However most researchers now access articles online, which means that readership styles and how information is gathered have changed.

We are adapting to these changes because we want to help authors improve how their research is presented online and readers to gain deeper insights faster. Offering Interactive Case Insights is just one of the ways we are doing this.

The Interactive Case Insights functionality enables authors to enrich and extend their article through addition of test / self-assessment questions This feature provides users with an interactive integrated learning experience.


 If you have questions about Interactive Case Insights, wish to provide feedback, or have a suggestion for another innovation that would further enhance the online article, please contact