AudioSlides presentations allow authors to explain in their own words what their paper is about

AudioSlides are short, webcast-style presentations that are shown next to the online article on ScienceDirect. This format gives authors the opportunity to present their research in their own words, helping readers to quickly understand what a paper is about and appreciate its relevance. Learn more about AudioSlides in this "Introducing AudioSlides" presentation, or check out some examples in the AudioSlides Gallery.


AudioSlides presentation with a published paper on ScienceDirect

Benefits for authors and readers

  • Enable authors to promote their work and summarize their main findings in their own words
  • Support readers to quickly determine the relevancy of a paper
  • Includes a dedicated, easy-to-use website to create AudioSlides presentation
  • AudioSlides presentations can be embedded in other websites, for example research homepages
  • AudioSlides presentations will be made available next to the published article on ScienceDirect right away
  • No additional cost for authors or readers

Innovating & enriching content

For almost 350 years, academic articles have been published in a similar layout – a format which starts with an abstract and ends with a conclusion and a list of references. Articles were presented in this way with the reader of the printed version in mind. However most researchers now access articles online, which means that readership styles and how information is gathered have changed. 

We are adapting to these changes because we want to help authors improve how their research is presented online and readers to gain deeper insights faster. Offering AudioSlides presentations in our journals is just one of the ways we are doing this. 

The AudioSlides functionality enables authors to add a personal message to their paper and explain their research in their own words. This makes it easier for readers to understand what a paper is about, and to appreciate why it may be relevant for their own research.

How to create an AudioSlides presentation

Elsevier has developed an easy to use, web-based tool to create AudioSlides presentations. Using this environment, authors can upload slides and add voice-over audio recordings using only a web browser and a computer with a microphone.

AudioSlides presentations must be of a scientific nature and accurately reflect the content of the Article. Since they reflect the author's view on their published article, AudioSlides presentations are not subject to peer-review (which is clearly indicated on the presentation itself) and so they can be posted online without delay.

If your paper has been accepted by one of the participating journals you will automatically receive an invitation to create an AudioSlides presentation.

If you have any questions, please visit our support hub here (you can also get in touch with us here too).