Dan Olley

Chief Information Officer

Dan Olley

Dan Olley joined Reed Elsevier in 2004 as Technology Director for RBI UK, heading up Web and Product development. In 2005 he was promoted to CTO, responsible for all technology within that division.

In 2009 Dan was appointed Global CTO for RBI and led the successful transformation of the technology organization into a consolidated global division, dramatically improving cost efficiency whilst continuing to help the organization grow its online Data and Product revenues.

In 2013 Dan was appointed Global CTO of Elsevier.

A leading exponent of cloud based solution, Dan led the early adoption of technologies such as SalesForce.com, Zuora and AWS, many of which now seem commonplace but at the time were seen as less than Enterprise ready. The strategy paid off, giving RE the technical flexibility and agility it needed to rapidly transform its portfolio over the last few years. As well as consuming SAAS solutions, Dan has also overseen RBI’s, and now Elsevier’s, move to being a SAAS vendor with solutions such as LiveFlo from xPertHR and CMax from BankersAccuity.

As part of the executive teams within RBI and Elsevier, Dan has continued to drive organic online product growth across the portfolio, alongside overseeing the integration of key strategic acquisitions for RBI, which include Ascend in the UK and Accuity in the US.

Prior to Reed Elsevier, Dan held technology and product development leadership roles with GM Financial, Wunderman Cato Johnson, and IBM, as well as a number of UK and international software organizations.

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