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BBA Research Collections

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The BBA team of Scientific Editors regularly curate research collections of published articles from the BBA series of topical journals. The collections are freely available to read for 3 months from release and focus on a scientific topic or theme of special interest.

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BBA Collection Otto Warburg 2023: Proteomics in Cancer Research

This collectionopens in new tab/window has been compiled from BBA Journals to commemorate the 2023 Otto Warburg Medal Awardopens in new tab/window for which BBA is proud to sponsor.

A crucial scientific technique for examining the biochemical alterations in cancer cells is proteomics. Key details, including protein targets and signalling pathways connected to the growth and spread of cancer cells have been successfully unravelled using proteomics techniques.

This collection of original research and review articles published in the BBA journals highlights new developments in the field of cancer proteomics.

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The Blood-Brain Barrier: limits and strategies

This BBA Collectionopens in new tab/window gives a glimpse of recent findings on new and already known molecules with potential therapeutic properties, the involvement of the Blood-Brain Barrier in neurodegenerative diseases, and mechanisms of transport through the Blood-Brain Barrier.

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CRISPR/Cas: a bacterial immunity strategy opening a new era of gene editing

In this BBA Collectionopens in new tab/window we include recent articles published in BBA journals discussing CRISPR/Cas as a new gene editing system or showing ways of its application for research purposes.


Inflammatory Signaling: a mechanistic snapshot

This BBA Collectionopens in new tab/window comprises selected papers from across the BBA Journals and the sister journal BB-Reportsopens in new tab/window, with focus on some aspects of inflammatory signaling and mediators, inflammasomes and fibrosis.

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Single Cell Analysis: Applications and Considerations

This collection of recently published articles in the BBA journals showcases some of the many applications of single-cell analysis. Read on to discover new research findings, cutting-edge technologies, as well as standout reviews discussing the potential to be found in exploring biological systems at the single-cell level.

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Artificial Intelligence for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: AI is learning to help

We have witnessed a steady increase in the applications of AI to biochemical and biophysical data to learn and predict the properties, structure and dynamics of proteins and biomolecules, to investigate biochemical pathways and gene regulation, and to improve drug design and discovery.

This BBA Collectionopens in new tab/window presents a selection of recently published articles from the BBA journals, to highlight examples of the many applications of AI to biochemistry and molecular biology.

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