Authors who publish in Elsevier journals can share their research by posting a free draft copy of their article to a repository or website. Researchers who have subscribed access to articles published by Elsevier can share too. There are some simple guidelines to follow, which vary depending on the article version you wish to share.

Help and Support

Published Journal Article (PJA)

Policies for sharing published journal articles differ for subscription and gold open access articles:

Subscription articles

  • If you are an author, please share a link to your article rather than the full-text. Millions of researchers have access to the formal publications on ScienceDirect, and so links will help your users to find, access, cite, and use the best available version.
  • Theses and dissertations which contain embedded PJAs as part of the formal submission can be posted publicly by the awarding institution with DOI links back to the formal publications on ScienceDirect .
  • If you are affiliated with a library that subscribes to ScienceDirect you have additional private sharing rights for others' research accessed under that agreement. This includes use for classroom teaching and internal training at the institution (including use in course packs and courseware programs), and inclusion of the article for grant funding purposes.
  • Otherwise sharing is by agreement only. 

Gold open access articles:

Accepted Manuscript 

Authors can share their accepted manuscript:


After the embargo period 

In all cases accepted manuscripts should:


Please note: