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Personalized Patient Decision Support

Empower the Patient voice

No two patients are alike. Even with exactly the same clinical diagnosis, they might have completely different health and life philosophies or be at different stages in their care journeys. By preparing a patient in advance of or between visits, and eliciting his or her preferences and values, WiserCare helps providers understand their patients at a deeper, more individual level and deliver a more personalized care experience.

Improve dialogue

According to a recent healthcare survey, 75% of consumers seek a partnership with their providers to determine the most effective treatment decisions.* When using WiserCare, providers and patients receive at-a-glance summaries with insight into the patient’s preferences, barriers and clinical situation prior to the patient’s visit. This opens the door to more thoughtful and comprehensive discussions around diagnosis and treatment — in the same amount of face-to-face time.

Increase Patient Engagement

Patients access WiserCare online from the comfort of their homes, on their own time. The technology fits seamlessly into workflows and can be used standalone or integrated with EHRs. Of those patients invited to use WiserCare, 70% complete their assigned module prior to their appointment.** By using the right content, technology and analytics to deliver more personalized and comprehensive information, WiserCare enriches shared decision-making between patients and providers.

Personalize treatment options

WiserCare decision modules help patients clarify and express their preferences and goals relative to appropriate medical treatments.  When patients receive guidance that incorporates their values and focuses on the best treatment options for them, they make better choices with their physicians, and are more likely to adhere to -  and feel more satisfied with - their decision.

Honor Patient wishes

When facing serious illness and end-of-life decisions, patients and their families want assurance that care will align with their wishes. WiserCare’s Advance Care Planning module helps patients reflect on their values, translate them into treatment preferences, and document those desires. It makes this insight actionable, relevant and accessible for providers and caregivers — so they can honor the patient’s wishes when it matters most.

Drive clinical & financial outcomes

By helping patients recognize and articulate their personal values and preferences, WiserCare equips providers to pinpoint optimal treatment options. As a result, patients feel more confident, empowered and engaged in their care decisions, ultimately driving better clinical outcomes. In addition, patients who use WiserCare are up to 50% more likely to recommend their physician to a family member.**

* Deloitte Center for Health Solutions 2015 Survey of US Health Care Consumers: Health care consumer engagement: No “one-size-fits-all” approach

**WiserCare research and analysis

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