Sobotta App product FAQs


Single illustrations, subchapters, or even complete chapters may be summarized and sorted by topic in personalized bookmarks, e.g. for tests or exams.

How do I create or edit a bookmark?

How do I add an illustration to a bookmark?

How can I access my bookmarks?

Find structures

How do I find anatomical structures?

Memos / Notes

The memo feature makes it easy to add your own notes to image captions and legends. Access your notes via the figure or via "My notes" under "More..." on the home screen.

How do I create notes?

How do I manage my notes?

Print a picture

How do I print out a picture?

Start training

How do I start the anatomy training?

How can I improve my knowledge of anatomy with the Sobotta app?

Can I interrupt the training?

Where would I find my training results?