How to determine which books you have full-text access to on ScienceDirect

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Icons indicate level of access

The Subscribed Icon and For purchase icon icons on ScienceDirect indicate whether your institution has provided access to the full text of a book, book chapter, volume or Reference Module article.

The Open journal icon icon (Open Access journal articles) and the Subscribed Iconicon (subscribed content) indicates that you can view the full text of a book. The Subscribed open icon icon indicates subscribed content as well as full-text access to Open Access content.

The For purchase icon icon indicates that you can view the abstract of the document only. To view the full text, you may be able to request the book be purchased by your librarian/information manager.

Filters to show books you have full-text access to

You can filter by access type from the All access types drop down on the books browse page as well as any search results pages. Choose "Full-text access" to show only content your institution has access to.

Determine Which Books You Have Full-text Access to on ScienceDirect - Screenshot

You can also choose "subscribed content" from the source drop-down on the advanced search and expert search pages.

Subscribed -books search filter