Training at your station

June 16th, 2016

As noted recently on, multiple mandates of healthcare reform make it imperative that hospitals “have an effective revenue cycle management system in place so they can handle the financial pressures that come from regulation.”

Still, according to the article, not all are prepared. Reasons include a lack of staff training across the revenue cycle.

It was suggested that hospitals might consider training to be too costly and time consuming. When squared off against ongoing reports of six-figure overpayments and penalties for medical errors perhaps based on poor documentation, however, this excuse loses validity.

The fact is that the key to staff education today is targeted training that teaches each staff member all (and only) what he or she needs to know to perform on the job and understand the bigger picture.

When administered online, this training can be adjusted to workflow, eliminating the need to have people away from their tasks for extended periods of time. Such training also enables people to learn at their own pace, which is a proven means of assuring comprehension and retention.

Healthcare is changing rapidly, and so is the training that creates the caliber of people needed to keep up with it.

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