Happy belated Digital Learning Day

March 17th, 2017

February 23 has come and gone, but online education continues to gain ground daily, according to various surveys and anecdotal evidence.

Part of the reason for its ascendance likely can be found in our increasingly tech-savvy society, in which individuals already happily stare at, and interact on, electronic devices for hours each day. However, according to report on U.S. News, it also has become the education venue of choice for today’s older students, who are balancing multiple obligations while trying to learn new skills and earn degrees.

In the workplace, as well, eLearning is proving its value, especially in complex, ever-changing disciplines such as revenue cycle management.

And well it should. After all:

  • 24/7 accessibility not only provides flexibility of schedule but also enables the employee to learn at his or her own pace. This means faster learners can get back to the task at hand more quickly, while slower students can proceed more comfortably.
  • Targeted courses in areas such as specialty coding provide specific knowledge for immediate application.
  • Today’s more engaging, interactive platforms keep students’ interest, while real-time data capture enables immediate, evaluated feedback in context so students can see their progress and build confidence.
  • Analytics and reports can enable the creation of customized training plans that address specific issues in a highly targeted, real-time format for lasting learning.
  • On-the-job education increasingly is considered a perk, enabling organizations to accrue a highly trained staff while demonstrating their willingness to invest in their employees.
  • eLearning is cost-effective and environmentally sensitive, reducing monetary outlays, travel and paper. Not having to leave the office to learn is especially important in areas such as medical coding, where lags in productivity can cause disruptions in cash flow.

As recently stated in an article written for the Society for Human Resource Management: “Digital technologies, mobile apps, video and the rapid pace of work have reinvented what corporate learning means.”

If it’s time for your organization to reinvent or augment your staff training, you might want to follow the article’s admonition that “this is the year to take digital learning seriously.”