Coding eLearning

The Elsevier Coding solution supports a lifetime of professional learning by offering both new and experienced Health Information Management professionals the opportunity to expand their inpatient and outpatient coding knowledge and skills while earning continuing education credits to support credentials through a variety of accrediting bodies, such as AAPC and AHIMA.

Partnering with nationally recognized experts such as CIOX Health and Coding Strategies allows us to offer the most authoritative and comprehensive content in the industry.

EduCode® coding curriculum

Comprehensive libraries of over 600 lessons for inpatient, hospital outpatient, pro-fee, and home health coding provide the breadth and depth of education required to achieve and retain peak performance. Paired with knowledge inventory tools and competency tools that assess knowledge and assign focused education, the Elsevier Coding Solution is an essential must have.

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Inpatient coding and outpatient coding competency tools and knowledge inventory tools

The Inpatient Coding and Outpatient Coding Competency Tools and Knowledge Inventory Tools assess staff proficiency and competence. Each assessment provides automated scoring and immediate feedback to the learner at completion, and can create an individualized prescriptive training plan by automatically assigning lessons to the learner’s lesson plan. Robust reporting is included.

CiOX Health

CIOX Health – PRISM coding gym

An engaging, user-friendly environment to practice and assess ICD-10 skills. The Gym features hundreds of complete charts and coding explanations. Organizations can augment the public library with your own (de-identified) charts ensuring that practice and assessment is 100% applicable. Data is captured in real-time, enabling immediate evaluated feedback, timely practice opportunities, and excellent management opportunities.

Home Health coding curriculum

To help facilities and agencies improve their coding and documentation, Elsevier has created the EduCode® Home Health Coding Curriculum.

This complete package of Home Health clinical and administration education and tools can help Home Health entities meet requirements, reduce risk and promote the quality documentation that supports optimal care.

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CSI Coding Strategies

Coding strategies for specialty coders

Coding strategies offers a comprehensive online training program that offers in-depth coding training for outpatient specialties.

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