Clinical documentation improvement

We all know the challenges that medical coding and inaccurate documentation present. Unfortunately, just knowing isn’t enough to ensure the level of specificity and quality of documentation required to meet the demands of payment programs and coding systems. That’s where Elsevier eLearning comes in, with comprehensive coursework designed for clinical documentation improvement specialists, coding staff and physicians.

EduCode® clinical documentation improvement

Clinical documentation supports all coding or quality activities, which in turn drive all hospital reimbursement, planning and budgeting, and patient outcome measurements. Documentation is the foundation upon which all healthcare activities are based and must:

  • meet regulatory requirements,
  • support the level and type of service,
  • and describe the patient’s severity of illness.

Elsevier’s documentation education provides information for clinicians, coders and CDI staff to help improve documentation in the most efficient and effective manner. Partnering with nationally recognized experts such as HCPro allows Elsevier to offer the most authoritative and comprehensive content in the industry.

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EduCode® doc briefs

Doc Briefs offer concise online lessons to help physicians and other practitioners understand the necessary documentation elements for high-risk, high-cost, audit-related or ICD-10 related conditions. The lessons identify the clinical documentation needed to support an admission, justify a diagnostic work-up, validate treatments and services and accurately reflect a patient’s severity of illness.

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CDI and quality care measures boot camp online

The CDI for Quality Boot Camp Online is an intensive course designed for CDI departments/programs looking to move to the next level —not just diagnosis review and clarification, but how diagnoses impact hospital quality metrics and influence indirect revenues. This course covers publicly reported quality data and how code assignment affects quality metrics, including but not limited to the Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program. Students will learn the why and how of reviewing complex cases involving Patient Safety Indicators (PSI) and hospital-acquired infections (HAI), and gain measurable strategies for improving their hospital profiles and positively influencing their facility’s value-based incentive.

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Risk adjustment documentation and coding boot camp online

This content goes beyond just knowing how to code for a condition. It explores where to obtain coding information as well as where to look for documentation deficiencies to improve overall risk scores. Similar to how implementing a clinical documentation improvement (CDI) department strengthens documentation for DRG assignment, this Boot Camp uses the same principles to improve documentation for risk adjustment. The Boot Camp will take you all the way from tackling the concept of risk adjustment and how it is calculated, to focusing on specific diagnoses and conditions that may affect overall risk scores. It will ensure you understand all facets of risk adjustment and help you position your organization to make the best decisions.

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EduCode CDI competency tool

Online validated competency tool designed for clinical documentation improvement (CDI) professionals to assess job role proficiency and competence. Based on a comprehensive job analysis, each question is written and peer-reviewed by appropriately credentialed subject matter experts. Assessment questions are divided into six categories to evaluate recall, application, and problem solving skills. Robust reporting is included. As an added benefit, we do recommend or assign training to address any weak areas identified by the competency.