Optimizing reaction conditions and synthesis routes for API production

Reaxys empowers reaction optimization and enables troubleshooting in pharmaceutical R&D

So much data on pharmaceutical synthesis is available that it can be very challenging to find relevant information, especially when it's buried in longer texts. Dr. Anders Lohse of NCK is very happy with the data and answers that Reaxys quickly delivers for their work on planning and optimizing reaction conditions and synthesis routes for pharmaceutical ingredients.

Interview with Dr. Anders Lohse at NCK


NCK has a very strict focus on process development and pilot production of advanced-stage intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients. According to Vice President of Product Management, Dr. Anders Lohse, the researchers primarily use chemistry databases to find ways to fix problems with or fully optimize reactions. With the vast amount of data being published every month, finding relevant information is a challenge—particularly if the researchers have to read entire papers, book chapters or patents to find the answers.


Dr. Lohse and the NCK researchers like Reaxys because it delivers precise reaction parameters and experimental procedures directly. They use it to evaluate routes when they are preparing project proposals and to study reaction conditions for optimization opportunities. Whether they need to look at the whole synthesis route or a particular compound property that is relevant to setting ranges from GMP quality specifications, they know that Reaxys will give them their answers.

Dr. Anders Lohse - Interview with Dr. Anders Lohse at NCK - Reaxys | Elsevier

We very rarely have to go beyond Reaxys and read the source to find what we need.

Dr. Anders Lohse, Vice President of Project Management at NCK


According to Dr. Lohse, Reaxys is an excellent source of data of the type he and his researchers need. They rarely need to read the source material because the answers are given in an complete form, ready for study or use in the lab. The time they save by not having to read full papers and search for synthesis routes and property data can be spent on actually optimizing reactions for the development of pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediaries.

Reaxys is an excellent source of essential chemistry data.

Dr. Anders Lohse, Vice President of Project Management at NCK

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