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An interview with Dr. Pranab Patra, Director of Chemistry at Jubilant Chemsys Ltd

The Director of Chemistry at Jubilant Chemsys explains how Reaxys helps his team overcome challenges in finding novel, sustainable synthetic pathways.

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Jubilant Chemsys is concerned with discovery chemistry — creating, perfecting and transferring technology to their mother company, Jubilant Life Sciences, and to external collaborating institutions. Dr. Pranab Patra is the Director of Chemistry, responsible for a large division focused on developing processes and custom synthesis methods. As a passionate synthetic chemist, Dr. Patra remains very involved in active projects at Jubilant Chemsys, so he’s conscious of the challenges researchers face every day.


Jubilant Chemsys has a strong focus on sustainability, so the researchers are tasked with considering alternative solvents, catalysts, conditions and processes for every project. The major challenge is figuring out the costs of reagents and the sustainability of the overall process.

As Dr. Patra explains: "It’s no good coming up with the theoretical greenest process if it becomes prohibitively expensive!" To achieve this goal, the team must spend time researching and planning, so they always go into the lab with reliable data and processes.


Dr. Patra praises the synthesis planning functionality of Reaxys, saying it is excellent. "With one click, I see all possible synthesis pathways and can review them, with the possibility to delve into the details of them through links to the source texts and commercial availability databases," he explains. "It streamlines reaction planning."

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I can’t imagine doing anything without Reaxys — even if I know exactly how the reaction works, I still want to check the details to be 100% certain.

Dr. Pranab Patra, Director of Chemistry, Jubilant Chemsys


Dr. Patra believes that Reaxys has a strong positive impact on chemical synthesis work and research at Jubilant Chemsys. He considers it essential to have Reaxys on all the computers in their lab network so that all researchers can access it whenever they need. Jubilant Chemsys even includes training on Reaxys in the onboarding program of new team members.

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It’s essential to have Reaxys on each and every computer in our lab network so that all the researchers have ready access to it and can learn to use it to its full capacity.

Dr. Pranab Patra, Director of Chemistry, Jubilant Chemsys

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