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You need to quickly check some specific properties of particular substances. For example, you’d like to know the absorption maxima of riboflavin, the magnetic properties of ferrite, the melting point of bryostatin-1, or the optical rotatory power of gossypol.

Type any one of these into the search field, for example “absorption maxima of riboflavin” and click “Go”. Reaxys recognizes that the search is for the properties of a substance and opens the relevant Substances (Table) view with the detailed properties view expanded.

Chemical Properties – Substances

Search field | Substances

From here, you can call up a whole range of other data with one click. This includes information about the source references and even links to the full text.

Chemical Properties – chemical data

Reaxys gives you everything you need to delve deep into the properties of a substance of interest. In just a few clicks, you can access all the chemistry you’re looking for.