Pure 5.8 release: In early February 2017, we released Pure 5.8. This release includes updates to Faculty and Academic Activity Reporting as well as integration with Mendeley Data

February 2017

Pure 5.8 is full of features that make research administration easier. The new Faculty and Academic Activity Reporting template allows you to create reusable reports that can be customized for each department or organization unit. We also added integration with Mendeley Data, so if a researcher stores his or her data set in Pure, the metadata from the research data set will be automatically included in the researcher’s Pure profile.

Faculty and Academic Activity Reporting (FAAR) made easier

We developed a FAAR report template builder based on customer feedback we gathered over the last year. This template will make it easier to build multiple, repeatable reports that meet your university’s unique needs, whether they are around understanding scholarly output or highlighting teaching activities. Templates can be assigned to specific organizational units within the university, so you don’t have to use the same reporting criteria for the music department as you do for the physics department.

After a report template is assigned to an organizational unit, academics can see the report template understand which activities the university is most interested in measuring for their academic specialty.

How the new FAAR templates work for you:

  • Making report templates public means more openness around reporting. Academics know what administration is prioritizing.
  • Building your own templates means you can report on what matters to you.
  • Each organizational unit can have a custom template that is designed to showcase what is relevant for that discipline.

Mendeley Data Integration

Capturing, storing, sharing and reporting on research data sets plays an increasingly important role in research information management. For Pure 5.8, we integrated Mendeley Data — a tool researchers use to store their work — with Pure so that research data metadata will be more easily accessible.

Combining Mendeley Data with Pure in a seamless integration will provide a shared solution that will serve the needs of both researchers and research administrators. Datasets created in Mendeley Data by researchers will automatically appear in Pure and be assigned to persons whenever possible.

Other 5.8 Features Include:

  • Pure Portal enhancements
  • Early access to updated web services (full delivery in 5.9 June 2017 release)
  • Assessment module updates (BFI, ERA, SEP, and REF)