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Empower Patients with Health Library

Patients rely on your expertise while under your care, and now, with the power of Elsevier’s Health Library of health topics, medications and other resources, they can find the same credible information on their own from a source they know and trust—you.

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Online Health Library

Health Information Your Patients Can Trust

In our information-overload world, finding trustworthy data can be difficult. Elsevier’s consumer-focused Health Library gives your patients access to reliable facts on all types of medication, symptom, disease and wellness topics.

Improve Relationships

Providing easily accessible health information helps build trust between patients and caregivers by reinforcing patients’ reliance on you as a valuable health resource.

Strengthens Your Brand

We make it easy for patients to relate your brand with customizable logo, messaging and color options. You can even offer content in English and Spanish to better serve your audience.


Our patient-friendly information is suitable for all comprehension levels and can be accessed based on a patient’s condition, disease or diagnosis.

Educates Patients on Specific
Disease Conditions

Make complicated diseases understandable with overviews of the symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, and do’s and don’ts.