Helping Engineering, Design & Construction engineers to predict the outcome of designs to reduce testing cycles and budgets and save time

Rapid urbanization in developing countries, aging infrastructure around the world and pressure to reconcile infrastructure development and expansion with a benign environment footprint have changed the nature of projects and contracts for companies that provide engineering, design and construction services.

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Successful organizations are prepared to anticipate and head off risks associated with project specifications and regulatory requirements, whether environmental, health or safety, with innovative but concrete and carefully assessed solutions that provide the transparency and detail needed to construct competitive yet realistic timelines and quotes. Knovel helps address these challenges by helping engineers to:

  • Merge information from a broad range of engineering disciplines into a single platform of interconnected resources that catalyze discovering and acting upon answers
  • Provides dynamic content that facilitates predicting the outcome of designs to reduce testing schedules
  • Delivers invaluable references that enable the ability to take environmental, health and safety regulations into account at early stages of design in order to assess the impact of design changes on outcome quality
  • Access best practices documentation that provides unique know-how to optimize project capacity, management and control

90%* of surveyed Equipment Manufacturing
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86%* of surveyed Engineering, Design and Construction customers say they would have to resort to the internet if they didn’t have Knovel.
*Source: 2017 Survey conducted via TechValidate

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"I was able to confirm operating conditions and yields projected for a hydrothermal hydrolysis of biomass based on articles I found on Knovel. This led to a more efficient design of the clients process." Design Engineer, Engineering, Design and Construction company

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