InferMed releases latest version of MACRO EDC software

InferMed today announced the release of the latest version of its MACRO EDC software. This latest release (MACRO 4.2.4) includes a range of enhancements that will further improve the MACRO user experience and enhance the efficiency of the software.

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The main new features of this release are:

New automatic database upgrade utility

The new database upgrade tool can be used to automatically detect the current version of each database and upgrade them to the latest version in one click.

Setting up automatic event emails

The MACRO Events module enables users to define events that are triggered when a particular data entry event occurs, such as creating a subject, entering data, or changing the status of a question. When creating an event, users can now set up automatic event emails to be sent and specify the relevant details to be displayed in the email message.

New Event Viewer

A new Event Viewer displays details of all triggered events including the associated email message, if applicable. Users can see all new unprocessed events, the latest status of events filtered to their specification and the full history of those filtered events.

Enhancements to API

The API now contains a number of new calls that offer support for the Arezzo expressions that are used throughout a study to derive data and create validation conditions. Users can now check the syntax of an Arezzo expression or evaluate one or more Arezzo expressions for a particular subject at any level, e.g. for a specified eForm or question.

New SPSS Export report

This new standard report enables users to export subject data from a single site in a format suitable for import into SPSS. The report can be viewed in the Web Data entry module or downloaded as a CSV or SPSS file and it displays all unique Visit/eForm/Question combinations of subject data for the selected site, including multiple repeats.

Security enhancements

Several changes have been made in order to add further system security, such as adding a prompt for System Administrators to change their password the first time they access MACRO.

New option to hide disabled user accounts

A new menu option has been added to the System Management module, allowing administrators to toggle between showing/hiding disabled user accounts in the list of users.

Preparation for multi-language support

Several changes have been made to the database in preparation for a new MACRO Language Definition (LD) module that will offer Unicode support for studies. This module will enable users to enter translations into any language for individual study elements in an existing study definition. Users can then associate each existing study/site combination with a language. When a study is opened for a particular site in the Data Entry module, all translated elements will display in the associated language.

Duane Lawrence, CEO of InferMed, commented, “This latest release of MACRO is a further demonstration of our ongoing commitment to enhancing the performance and functionality of the MACRO EDC software. We look forward to exploring these latest developments further with our MACRO user community at the MACRO International User Group conference on November 18th in central London.”