Arezzo Pathways in the spotlight in the ‘Inside EMIS’ newsletter

This month InferMed’s Arezzo Pathways software was featured in the ‘Partner spotlight’ section of the EMIS newsletter ‘Inside EMIS’. The newsletter is sent out to all EMIS users and this feature highlighted the active decision support for referrals and long-term condition management that Arezzo Pathways can provide to all clinicians using EMIS.


Click here to read highlights of the interview given to ‘Inside EMIS’ by Arezzo Implementation Manager, Oliver Clift.

The integration of Arezzo Pathways with EMIS Web and LV assists clinical practice by supporting compliance with care pathways to enable better patient outcomes.

InferMed’s Arezzo Pathways is a web-based solution that takes the latest clinical evidence, matches it with an individual patient and provides a recommended care pathway specifically for that patient. Arezzo Pathways generates decision options, takes into account predictive risk factors and enables complete care pathway management that can result in reduced unplanned admissions, elimination of variance and clinically appropriate referrals.

EMIS Web helps GPs to diagnose, treat and monitor patients, and to spot future health issues before they become a problem. Integrating the power of Arezzo Pathways with EMIS Web supports GPs in making evidence-based decisions tailored to individual patients.

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