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Advanced Data Collection for Clinical Research

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MACRO is a powerful, industry-standard electronic data capture solution that has been proven in commercial and not-for-profit clinical research since 1999. MACRO is used by pharmaceutical companies, CROs, academic medical centres, UKCRC-registered clinical trials units (CTUs), disease-specific research groups, and charitable organisations.

MACRO’s dynamic and easy to use tools for study definition, data capture and data management simplify study set-up, reduce time to first data entry and to database lock and help researchers succeed every time in increasingly complex clinical trials.

MACRO has been designed to be user-friendly, simple to operate and usable by every member of the clinical study team, regardless of their level of computer expertise. With MACRO it is easy and fast to enter and monitor patient data and to run the reports needed for data analysis.

MACRO's underlying Arezzo technology provides unseen capabilities for managing even the most complex study designs and creating detailed edit checks without programming knowledge. This decision support capability improves the investigator experience with highly intuitive data entry, simplification of complex trials, programmed alerts and reminders and real-time data quality checks, and future-proofs MACRO for the era of adaptive clinical studies.

MACRO supports all trials, from Phase I through IV, scaling from a single site to large multi-national trials.

MACRO used to collect 12 million responses in 3 years for a group of 9 major commercial studies, successfully submitted for FDA approval

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