InferMed's vision is for everyone to receive healthcare that is right, first time, every time. InferMed makes it possible for every clinician to choose the most appropriate pathway and treatment for each patient, regardless of the complexity of their disease, the patient gender or their location. By doing so, InferMed helps to improve care outcomes while taking unnecessary costs out of the system.

Since 1999 InferMed has developed its Arezzo® technology to support best practice in medicine in three main market sectors:

  • Regional and national health services with patient-facing 'self-care' systems and nurse triage phone bank applications. The applications are provided on a national basis, such as through NHS Direct and via multi digital channels. The applications satisfy national health providers` requirements to reduce costs and provide a triage type solution.
  • GP practices with clinician-facing Arezzo Pathways integrated with the GP clinical system. This application enables GPs to provide best practice active care treatments in real time and supports GPs in making appropriate and consistent referral for urgent or specialist treatment at the point of care.
  • Clinical trials with MACRO™ Electronic Data Capture, one of Europe's leading electronic data capture and reporting software tools.

Infermed vision overview

We are passionate about delivering solutions to improve patient care. 

With Arezzo and MACRO we are also uniquely placed to promote synergy between clinical research and practice, driving a virtuous circle of continual improvement in best practice. 

Arezzo will also support the emerging genomics-based, patient-specific best practice.

With InferMed solutions:

  • Patients receive up-to-date medical treatment based on best practice guidelines which have been transformed to provide recommendations that are dynamically personalised at the point of care in the light of specific patient data, yet fully compliant with guidelines. 
  •  Clinicians are helped to navigate the complexity of modern medicine, so they can choose appropriate care, no matter what the patient`s disease, gender or location.


InferMed was formed in February 1999 by a young management team, backed by Europe's largest independent cancer research organisation, Imperial Cancer Research Fund (now Cancer Research UK) and by Dr. Alan Montgomery, an entrepreneur from the IT industry. Alan had managed the UK R&D Safety Critical Systems project on which a team led by ICRF's Professor John Fox (now at Oxford University) created the theoretical basis for, and a first prototype of, the technology within Arezzo®. InferMed's mission was to commercialise the results of that research applying the technology in clinical research and clinical practice.

Cancer Research UK remains the largest institutional shareholder. In addition InferMed has worked with commercial partners, notably Hoffman-La Roche, to develop MACRO™, InferMed's EDC product. MACRO was the first widely distributed application of Arezzo.

Dr Robert Dunlop joined InferMed in July 2000 as Clinical Director, with particular remit to lead research, development and deployment of Arezzo. A large pharmaceutical company became the first customer for an application of Arezzo in the form of RetroGram. Several published projects followed in the 2000s to validate Arezzo in a clinical setting.

Duane Lawrence joined as CEO in 2007 bringing Sales and Management experience from the commercial clinical practice industry. Following the Arezzo implementation for NHS Direct, the current growth period commenced. InferMed is a committed partner, whether in R&D projects, with global services providers, or with companies who have specialist point of care systems or devices.

In 2012 InferMed was awarded the Queen's Award for Enterprise in Innovation for its work in developing and commercialising our decision support systems for healthcare.

InferMed's Queen's Award is an acknowledgement of the vital role played by Arezzo in encouraging the consistent use and development of good practice, helping to raise standards of clinical care and ensuring that healthcare is right, first time, every time.

For further information on the Queen's Awards, visit either the Queen's Award website or the website of the Queen's Award magazine.

InferMed Timeline - Key Events

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