Who uses Hivebench

Hivebench helps life scientists to prepare and manage experiments and share results with collaborators and their PI.

Hivebench for life scientists

Hivebench helps life scientists looking for an easy and quick way to manage and track protocols and experiments. It reduces the time required to prepare, analyze and share experiment results. Data can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

  • Improves sharing – Shared protocols are easy to access; particularly important when a new life scientist joins the lab. Common reagent and sample databases can also be shared and colleagues can provide feedback on protocols and data.
  • Increases efficiency – Hivebench’s integrated calendar and notebook function allows the time-stamping and scheduling of experiments and the recording of outcomes.
  • Saves time – Previous results with associated methods and protocols are easy to locate.  Having an overview of all research results helps provide a concise summary of all experimental work.
  • Reduces failure – With Hivebench, it’s easy to compare conditions used in experiments that worked, and those that failed.
  • Simplifies compliance with mandates – Increasingly, funders and institutions are introducing mandates around the capture, storage and sharing of data. Hivebench ensures life scientists can meet these mandates.

Hivebench for PIs and lab managers

Hivebench helps life science PIs and lab managers comply with stakeholder mandates by reducing the time and effort required to track team activity. It also preserves data for future use.

  • Tracks team activity and progress – PIs are notified when new experiments are run and can receive an email when experiments need to be countersigned.
  • Helps comply with funders’ requirements – Increasingly, funders specify that project results must be openly published. Hivebench supports the PDF export of data and its publication directly to Mendeley Data. Research results can be traced and reproduced, and experiments and protocols are identified and time-stamped.
  • Complies with IT requirements – Hivebench complies with high-quality, institutional IT standards regarding privacy, security and technical requirements.
  • Secures data preservation – Data is often created by PhDs or postdocs on a temporary contract, making knowledge transfer and data preservation a major concern. Hivebench ensures data and protocols are preserved when researchers move on.