Who uses Hivebench

Hivebench helps Life Scientists to prepare and manage experiments and share results with collaborators and their PI.

Hivebench for life scientists

Hivebench helps Life Scientists, who are looking for an easy way to manage and track their experiments, by reducing the time it takes to prepare, analyze and share experiment results and providing anytime, anywhere access to experiment data in an user friendly way.

  • Improve sharing – Life Scientists have access to colleagues’ protocols, enabling a quick and efficient start to research in a new laboratory. They will also share common reagents databases and receive feedback from PI’s and peers.
  • Work efficiently – Using a paper notebook and calendar is time consuming and error prone. Hivebench provides full integration between the calendar and notebooks.
  • Save time – Quickly find previous results with associated methods and protocols. Having an overview of all research results will concisely demonstrate the Life Scientist’s work to their PI (new protocol, collaborative projects, etc.).
  • Reduce failure – Easily and quickly compare experimental conditions used in experiments that work, and those that fail
  • Comply to mandates – Mandates on capturing, storing and sharing data are pushed into the lab from funder / institutional level to the PI and subsequently to the researcher. Compliance to these mandates are a requirement to obtain funding

Hivebench for PI’s and lab managers

Hivebench helps Life Science PI’s and lab managers, who want to ensure compliance to stakeholder mandates, by reducing the time and effort it takes to track team activity and securing data preservation for future use.

  • Track team activity & progress – PI’s are notified when something new happens in the lab and they receive an e-mail when experiments need to be countersigned.
  • Comply to funders’ requirements – Funders are increasingly requiring that scientists who received grants to openly publish their results at the end of a project. Hivebench allows a straightforward export as a PDF or ability to publish data directly to Mendeley Data. Traceability of research results are guaranteed, including date and authorship of research results.
  • Comply to IT requirements – Hivebench complies to high quality institutional IT standards regarding privacy, security, but also on IT technical requirements
  • Secure data preservation – The majority of Life Scientists have a short tenure in the lab because they are PhD’s or Post Docs on a temporary contract. Only the PI and a few Life Scientists are the beating heart of the lab and need to ensure all data is preserved.