New on Funding Institutional: Enhancements increase awards data coverage to over 6.2 million awards and enable search filtering by funder country

January 2020

Awards data coverage was increased to provide funding insights to over 6.2 million grant awards from 1965 to present — making Funding Institutional the largest such repository!

Increased award data coverage - Funding Institutional | Elsevier

Having access to such a deep repository of historical awards data helps to better understand the funding landscape. For example, a team working on a grant proposal can identify previous grant awardees and connect with them to better understand their experience with the grant process, and seek their assistance in reviewing the grant proposal:

Deep repository of historical awards - Funding Institutional | Elsevier

Additionally, as requested by current Funding Institutional searchers, a new Funder Country filter has been added to help pinpoint awards by funder country:


Ahead in the first quarter of 2020, there are more exciting enhancements pending including:

  • In-product messaging to communicate enhancements, newly-added funders and search tips
  • Integration between Pure and Funding Institutional
  • Awards analytics dashboard
  • Improved NLP algorithm to organize opportunities and awards in research areas, aiding in search