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Maximizing the potential of available research data

Introducing Entellect

Entellect is a smart and versatile life sciences platform that empowers research and discovery by ensuring that all available relevant data is ready for use. It leverages Elsevier’s trusted approach to data processing, organization and analysis and provides you with a state-of-the-art open platform for life sciences analytics.

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The functionality of Entellect includes:

  • Frictionless ingestion of disparate content from multiple sources as well as text and data mining.
  • Interoperable search, analysis and AI services delivering data to existing or custom-built applications.
  • Advanced analytics allowing the exploration of new and more efficient R&D models.
  • Creation of rich knowledgebases of harmonized and linked data through connection of various sources.
  • Superior handling of research challenges with off-the-shelf applications or our Professional Services.
  • Highly versatile development of custom applications for research and business applications.

What makes Entellect exceptional?

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Entellect smoothly and securely connects and organizes internal and third-party data

Entellect can link internal and external databases, websites, LIMS, archives, public taxonomies and applications on the fly. This ensures access multiple types of relevant content and data in one platform with best-in-class accuracy.

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Elsevier’s proprietary content and robust taxonomies are always available

Through Entellect, you can combine Elsevier’s proprietary databases and content collections with data from other sources. The science-led processing of all content yields rich knowledgebases of harmonized, linked data.

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Entellect can power and serve multiple applications simultaneously

As an open, interoperable platform, Entellect supports search, analysis and AI capabilities, enabling the delivery of data to existing and custom-built applications. It provides the perfect environment for data science-driven R&D.

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The freedom to develop custom applications presents unique opportunities

Entellect provides endless opportunities to innovate and develop new applications for R&D and business. Crucially, it’s designed for smooth and secure integration of its built-in capabilities and your newly developed apps.

How does Entellect work?

Entellect collects and stores information

Our platform mines disparate internal and external content silos to gather all relevant information — data points and text — in a comprehensive, secure, cloud-based database without any barriers to applications you wish to use.


Entellect connects the data to make it usable

All gathered content is processed against established normalization rules and life sciences taxonomies. It can be combined with Elsevier content, giving you a single rich source of data for all your R&D.


Entellect is a smart and versatile platform

Our open life sciences platform supports existing and custom-built apps and software from customers, Elsevier and even third parties. It enables you to perform cutting-edge exploratory and predictive analytics, create visualizations and improve productivity across life sciences and pharmaceutical R&D workflows.

Accelerated data science-driven R&D: the intelligent approach to:

  • Disease
  • Drug safety
  • Drug efficacy
  • Clinical trials
  • Substance bioactiviy
  • Product lifecycles

Entellect enables data-driven discovery across all life sciences domains

Here are some selected applications of Entellect’s powerful capabilities.

Entellect maximizes insight into substance toxicity, ensuring investment in the right drug candidates.

  • What are the toxicity profiles of my drug candidate and similar substances?
  • What toxicity studies are most frequently approved by regulatory authorities?
  • How does my candidate’s toxicity profile compare with similar candidates from competitors?
  • What modifications could improve my drug candidate’s toxicity profile?
  • Can we build a better toxicity predictor with combined internal and external data?

Entellect helps answer high-value questions by de-siloing drug and disease data for a comprehensive view of the topic.

  • Have other trials been done with similar substances?
  • Have other trials been done on this disease?
  • Who is our internal expert in this area?
  • What trials have succeeded?
  • Do we own any IP in this area?

Entellect supports more sophisticated analytics, helping to make high-value safety predictions.

  • Can I predict the toxicity profile of this drug candidate?
  • Does modifying the substance structure alter the toxicity profile?
  • Can I build a better toxicity predictor with combined internal and external data?
  • What models of toxicity and efficacy translate best to the clinic?
  • What off-target effects can be accurately predicted?
  • What drug–drug interactions can be accurately predicted?

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