Connect Life Science data. Enable reuse. Empower analytics. Form insights.

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Insights begin with clean, reusable data.

Seamless access to reusable, integrated data helps organizations overcome the four core challenges in data-driven R&D:



Where & what data and metadata already exist?



How is the data accessible?



Can the data & metadata be easily combined with other data?



Can the data & metadata be used in other settings?

What is Entellect?

Entellect is a Life Sciences data integration platform that enables insights from data to drive effective innovation. It brings together your data, Elsevier’s data, and data from global researchers.

With a modern architecture that adheres to FAIR Principles, Entellect facilitates access to clean, reusable data and metadata, enabling R&D scientists to optimize decision making and cycle time. It enables better data governance and helps drive accurate AI/ML based discovery.


Entellect cleans and collects disparate data/metadata from multiple sources to create integrated datasets


Thanks to expert stewardship data/metadata on Entellect are traceable, discoverable and trustworthy

Connect and contextualize

Advanced science-led content processing creates rich knowledge graphs to enable deepen insights

Reusable Life Science Data

Entellect offers customizable and flexible delivery of FAIRified data and insights to support innovation and productivity

Entellect drives insights & innovation across R&D


Identify and prioritize research areas based on available evidence


Better predict success or failure using harmonized data and applied analytics


Deeper your understanding of the disease pathway to reveal potential risks


Prioritize compounds for testing and development based on improved understanding of safety and other risk factors


Identify new targets based on their pathway activation, gene expression and risk factors


Improve predictive reaction output and select novel synthetic routes from solid data foundations

Looking to identify drug repurposing candidates?

Looking to identify drug repurposing candidates?

Discover the role Entellect played in a datathon that delivered four potential repurposing candidates in just 60 days

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Focusing on predictive reaction outcomes?

Focusing on predictive reaction outcomes?

Discover what Entellect's Reaction Workbench can do for data scientists.

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Realize the potential of FAIR Data

Realize the potential of FAIR Data

Creating and using FAIR data has the potential to transform analyses enabling drug discovery and development.

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